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Mid-century modern with a bohemian, California-cool twist — this redesigned and fully-renovated summer home is unconventional but still in keeping with its West Coast air.

Architect Ian Moeller and interior designer Charles De Lisle were hired to renovate the space and turn it into something fabulous.

The finished, 12-acre William Wurster Ranch is just that.

It is whimsical and warm despite its light breathe-ability and wide open spaces. The home’s original adobe walls received a modern-sixties update with the addition of cedar paneling and its rooms re-vamped with carefully chosen vintage furniture and light fixtures.

Bright colors and contemporary patterns marry seamlessly with these choices.

Bravo to Moeller and De Lisle for their exceptional work!

Juan Luis Medina, famous Spanish architect and designer of the successful pop-up store Madrid in Love, decorated his home in a way that might make most Boho Modernistas swoon.

Once an old shoe shop, Medina transformed his home into an eclectic haven that is both well styled and maintains the integrity of the original space.

With Madrid in Love, Medina showcases a gallery of vintage decorative objects in various industrial spaces around the capital city of Spain. Every three to four months a two-week sale is publicized that attracts the city’s most style-conscious.

The mixture of bringing vintage to industrial isn’t lost on Medina, who beautifully incorporates this aesthetic into his own home.  Medina has traveled throughout Europe carefully collecting items to both sell and keep.

I can’t decide what I like most about Medina’s home. Every personal touch adds character and charm and evokes a certain feeling. I LOVE the chevron-patterned hardwoods, glamorous kitchen chandelier, Roman bust and glass coffee table… just to name a few.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote from Lord of the Rings hangs inside the living room: ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’

Too true, as shown by Medina who has used his travels to thoughtfully create a cohesive, spectacular place to live.

Bo-Mo Couple of the Week: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

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Who knew mustard yellow could be so posh?

Star fashion stylist Shirley Kurata receives an honorary Boho Modernista Award this week for the way she infused her Los Feliz home (and wardrobe) with tons of 60’s panache.

A little space age, a little mid-century modern, Kurata’s place is definitely too cool for school.

Geometric art, furniture and accessories add great dimension to Kurata’s living room, while the warm color palette cozies up the edgy space.

My favorite piece is the mustard-yellow leather sofa accompanied by two fabulously-printed circular throw pillows!

Too groovy.

Villa Extramuros in Portugal is EXACTLY what I’m talking about when I describe Bohemian/Modern interior design.

Neat clutter. Vibrant accessorizing. Sharp lines. Natural materials. Eccentric ornaments.

Blend these essential components together and you get one super-chic place to impress your guests.